Theodor Tonwerfer

About Theodor Tonwerfer

Theodor Tonwerfer alias Rene Gottwald began his career in the year 1990. At that time he created his first attempts of music productions on a simple midisequenzer oktalizer and with a small selection of samples and synthesizers. Tracks from KLF and S-Express were my first Favourites from the range of the electronic music, the sound, which developed itself further in the 90's to Techno. Today there are innumerable names for the music styles that was developed from it. 1994 I went to the first Techno and Rave Parties and found producers who were just as I inspired from this music. The preference for synthetically produced rhythmic tones became still larger as we discovered the computer as a tool to experiment with these sounds. It fascinated us to record noises and intruments to samples and bring these sounds to loops and complete songs on the Mac with my Music software.