Theodor Tonwerfer

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Tonwerfer Sub 37 Presets - Bass 0001
5x Moog Sub 37 Presets
Recorded with No Effects / No EQ

Tonwerfer Bass 01
Tonwerfer Bass 02
Tonwerfer Bass 03
Tonwerfer Bass 04
Tonwerfer Bass 05

My Way to Install:
1 Open the Moog Sub 37 Editor // 2 Go to Librarian // 3 Create New Folder (Preset Folders)
4 Right Click on the new Folder -- Reveal in Finder // 5 Drag n Drop the Syx Files at that Directory
Tonwerfer Signature Tech house and Deep House Effects 1
10x WAV Audio Effect Samples
Kick Drum Free
Free for Personal Use!!
For Commercial Use: Read Licence.rtf